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Welcome to The Vibrant Creative, your home base for inspiration, community, and resources for a vibrant creative life! We are still setting things up, but are glad you are here. Please fill in and submit a contact form with just your first name and email (both will be kept private) so we can stay in touch. To say thanks for your support, we'd like to send you a copy of The Vibrant Creative To Do Tracker PDF free. We have some fabulous surprised in the works which you won't want to miss!

Selah Cohen, Founder and Creative Director of The Vibrant Creative, draws on over 25 years of expertise as an artist, artistic director, and producer gained in the creative, beauty, image, and theatrical production industries. Her imaginative aesthetic, excellent interpersonal communication skills, design concept facilitation abilities, and highest professional work ethic ensure a delightful and personalized client experience. She offers classes, coaching, consulting, talks, and resources to inspire a vibrant creative life.