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The 2019 Vibrant Creative Guide and Planner


Give the gift of vibrant organization!!

The 2019 Vibrant Creative Guide and Planner is a systematic yet customizable organizing program in a planner - a brainstorming center, goal and project planner, information tracker, workflow manager and calendar agenda all in one! There is no other paper planning system which includes all of this available anywhere else! The monthly pages are printed on one side only, allowing high customization and extra artistic or note-taking room for each user. The weekly pages can be customized and can be printed on both sides. Select tracker and lists packs are also available in the store.

This Guide and Planner is a colorful and inspirational system designed to help you streamline, strategize, sort, then schedule your creativity, business, and life! It's like your very own agenda and roadmap toward creative fulfillment in one. It can be used alone, as part of our online Vibrant Planning Class, or as part of a personal Creative Coaching session. We are also developing a school extension pack perfect for home-school, teachers, and students of all kinds. The large font format is also helpful for those who prefer to decorate with washi tape and stickers, to write in large print or for those with limited eyesight.

The Vibrant Creative Guide and Planner is available as a downloadable PDF for you to print on 8.5" x 11" paper and includes:

A Personal Information Page with essential contact information spaces

In The Guide Section:
Questions to help you focus for success, as well as determine your best work space.
Brainstorming, Concept, Idea, Goal, Project Development Helps
Quarterly Overview Chart for the Year
A Blog Post Workflow

The Planner Section:
Various Customizable Information Lists, Logs, and Trackers
Current Year at a Glance January 2019 - December 2019
Current Year Monthly Overview
12 spacious monthly side-by-side layouts for January 2019 - December 2019 to customize and decorate if desired.
(Bonus: 7/8 inch square sticky notes can be used in the calendar boxes so you can move your events or reminders easily.
52 back to back weekly layouts (can be used as daily also). Extra refill packs are available separately.

You can organize the The Vibrant Creative Guide and Planner as best fits your needs, then have it three-hole punched, punched for disc-bound system, or coiled.
Add your own tabs, bigger discs, sticky notes, washi tape, and other accessories to personalize it.

Stickers (fit calendar boxes): College and Performing Arts, and School or Homeschool Sticker Collections available now under All Products.

The Guide and Planner fits in a binder, disc-bound system, can be coiled or bound easily, and fits in a tote bag, backpack, or computer bag.
It's a convenient creative office and studio on the go!

Our introductory demo video is available at https://www.thevibrantpresenter.com/?q=node/49

The Vibrant Creative Guide and Planner all content, concept, layout, graphic design, and text by Selah Cohen ┬ęCopyright 2019 The Vibrant Creative. All rights reserved worldwide. Please order carefully, no refunds or returns.

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