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The Vibrant Presenter Presentation Skills Program


Selah Cohen The Vibrant Creative Presenter Program:

A relaxed, non-intimidating progression of modules to help you go from insecure to influencer.

Pre-pay for all 11 hours below, and receive 30 minutes of custom phone or online coaching free (must schedule appointment).

Pricing available on our Store Page.

Module One - The Vibrant Creative Communicator: Image and Presence

Personal Coaching. Two hour minimum. Available online.

The right approach to your personal image, interpersonal communication, and stage presence can help you relax and share your authentic self with others in a professional and memorable way. We progress through the general areas below, and pinpoint any areas which need more attention. The Vibrant Presenter class is recommended after this one.

Leverage the advantage of great:

Eye contact, posture, handshake, wardrobe and hairstyle, walk, body language, interpersonal spacing, introductions, networking, presentation stance, work and social etiquette such as by phone, email, social media, interview, meal, and special events.

Module Two - The Vibrant Creative Presenter: Target and Improve

Personal Coaching. Three hour minimum. Available online.

We determine your specific trouble areas and goals, then I coach you using targeted techniques to improve those areas so you become more confident and skilled in front of any audience. The Vibrant Presentations program is recommended after this one.

Module Three - The Vibrant Creative Presentation: Prepare and Polish

Personal Coaching. Three hours minimum. Available online.

Let’s take your presentations from boring to vibrant with this custom coaching session! I will help draw out your strengths, personal brilliance, and boost your confidence. We then leverage all of these to enhance your upcoming presentation with inspiring creative touches like anecdotes, art, audience games, music, stories, songs (yes, songs-don't fear), delightful visual aids that are a welcome change from the tired power talk, power point decks, and more. Stand out with a creative approach that dares to cross the fourth wall between you and your listeners, and give your presentations memorable power with personal touches to build retention of material and reciprocal relationships, not just revenue.

Module Four - The Vibrant Creative Springboard: Catapult Past Challenges

Team Training or Private Coaching. Three hour minimum. Available online.

This participatory program will help you identify goals, find roadblocks, and catapult past challenges to success by leveraging the power of creativity. We will use creative brainstorming, art, improvisational exercises, and more to facilitate discussions, decisions, and direction. Get ready for an energetic, fun, and team-building time working toward your goals!

Optional Module Five - How to Use The Vibrant Creative Guide & Planner to Streamline and Schedule Your Life

Private Coaching. One hour ($100.00) minimum. Available online.

A general overview on how to use our administrative and artistic management tool to narrow down your, your team's, or your team's goals, form a success strategy, then implement action steps on the calendar. Separate purchase of one printed planner per participant required.

Personal Planning Coaching. Three-hour ($300.00) minimum. Available online.

An in-depth session on how to use The Vibrant Creative Guide & Planner to streamline and schedule for a vibrant life. Separate purchase of one printed planner is required.

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